Outlook of the year 2018

Outlook of the year 2018

From the home buyers to the developers all were waiting for the actual consequences to be seen which will be mostly seen in 2018, www.fortunestreets.com, spoke to the K. S. Chandrashekar on their predictions for 2018 and views on how 2017 was for the sector.

K. S .Chandrashekar, Managing Director, PARTHAM said, “The year 2017 for the real estate sector was full of turbulences due to domestication, RERA and GST. Now with the implementation of all and clarity coming, the turbulences is almost settled. I therefore see the sector in two perspectives.

Firstly, the dis-organised sector will become more organised and system oriented. Many real estate developers who were mostly dis-organised and were in slumber for so many decades have woken up out of their luxuries and are putting their shelves in place. The developers who were organised are very happy to see that there is an emerging perfect competition in the market. On the other hand, the consumers who have been waiting and watching the happenings in 2017 shall gradually realize their trust and shall be ready to buy without fear.

So putting in a nutshell, the year 2018 for real estate is going to be growth oriented with win win situation for both developer and consumer. Although I am not seeing a very high growth in 2018, but yes the growth shall be gradual with better geometrical performances beyond 2018 which will convert in to a major economic growth nuclei. So the year 2018 can surely be coined as a take-off stage for further growth in the coming years.”

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