About US

The Company

PARTHAM is all about holistic living, whether it comes to developing 100% integrated homes for a niche segment of the society or providing world class special interest commercial structures; whether it comes to providing quality education or a health facility, or just providing with advisory services to companies; satisfaction and trust are the main factors that drive us. We are devoted to abide by all the benchmarks set as per the global trends and practices. Target oriented, transparency in dealing with everything and accountability are our guiding pillars.

There are three key focus areas in which Partham group operates and leverages its expertise. The first one is ‘Real Estate Development in niche category’, wherein we focus on Special Homes, Educational and Medical institutions etc… Our second area of focus is ‘Project Management Services’, wherein we handle the Sales and CRM processes for developers on a turnkey project management basis. Our third focus area is ‘Advisory Consultancy Services’, under which we help clients identify large land bank pockets, help and advise them in finalizing the most suitable plot for development, tackle the government permissions and licensing work for a client, perform due diligence services for a project etc.


To see ourselves as the only provider of such services PAN – GLOBAL in the future where any citizen approaches us with TRUST and CONFIDENCE

To provide our clients with exemplary quality home environment and unparalleled personal & professional development opportunities. We aim to give back to the society what it has given us in various forms.

Our group
As a group we are Real Estate builders and also offer consultancy services in various fields. We are committed to provide high class services to all stake holders.