Partham Goes Local

Partham Goes Local
Meets the seniors of Kalpataru Aura and shares the importance of life at 55

On the evening of 12th Jan-2018 Paraiso de Casa by Partham Group successfully held its first ever event for the seniors living at Kalpataru Aura – Ghatkopar, Mumbai. The event saw seniors from Kalpataru Aura as well as surrounding residential units turning out in good numbers. There was great enthusiasm amongst them about our first of its kind second home project for seniors – Paraiso de Casa, Silvassa.

The visiting members wanted to know about the project and its features. Convenience ranked at the top spot, when it came to their queries regarding the project. We listed down the amazing location advantage, convenience and accessibility that is possessed by Paraiso de Casa. Next in line came the inquiry about features provided under the safety and security umbrella. We updated the audiences about the fact that Paraiso de Casa provided more than the conventional features for seniors, like a personal emergency wearable alarm as well as the system of maintaining the entry and exit logs. This revelation got the audiences to sit up and take a serious notice of this exciting project by Partham Group. There was a keen interest amongst the audiences in knowing about the health care facilities. We satisfied them with elaborate information on this front too. Recreation facilities too surfaced amongst the most sought after facilities and amenities. Besides the external recreation amenities, what got the seniors hooked on to our presentation was the fact that a dedicated 55000 square feet Club House area was available for just 282 apartments. This was something unheard of by them. The actual foot fall conversion of the number of people accessing the facility at any given point in time spoke volumes about the exclusivity of the Club House facility. The thought of getting pampered and enjoying their lives in a true sense, which at present is restricted to little beyond the ‘Nana Nani’ park really got them excited.

Then there were many other facilities and amenities that were a part of the 40+ advantage points that caught the attention of the seniors. The possibility of attaining self-actualization and a sense of spiritual attainment through involvement in social causes also got many seniors highly interested in the project.

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